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Miniature wargame models painting.

This blog is about wargame models – especially for “Battlegroup” tabletop wargame, but not only. Many models and painting techniques presentes here are suitable for other games like “Flames of War” or “Bolt Action”. And, of course, many models here are built as scale models – just for fun.

Welcome to my blog. I`m a former scale modeller, who decided to stop counting rivets and start playing miniature wargames on tabletop. I`m making them for many reasons – for fun, to play with them, for my friends who have lack in free time to spend on hobby or for other players.

The name of this blog – “BlackBeret” – stands for a characteristic part of tank troops uniform element – a black beret, which was (and often still is) common for many armies: polish, british and german.